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The Best and Easiest Ways to Lower Your Electric Bills

Lower electric billWe all learn to dread the season of higher electric bills, due to the increased heat or cold, but many people just grit their teeth and pay it. What a great deal of people do not realize is how much of an impact they can make on that bill, simply by altering a few habits and keeping abreast of current rate deals in your area.

Here are five easy ways to make that electric bill less painful without spending a lot of money:

Adjust your thermostat by a few degrees and this will lower the time your air conditioner is running. Your air conditioning is one of the largest electricity hogs in your home, so keeping the thermostat set at a more moderate temperature makes a noticeable difference. If you are away from home for long days, adjust the thermostat to prevent the unit from running when you are not there. You should invest in a digital thermostat if you do not have one, as this will help regulate temperature much better than the older thermostat model.

Insulate your home better with window coverings or weather stripping. Eliminating cracks and filling gaps that allow the elements inside (and your costly air out) can help maintain your home’s temperature. These gaps are frequently found around windows and doors, so make a tour of your house and seal these escape routes. While it is a more costly fix, the need for good insulation in any attic and outer walls can make a major impact on lowering your electric bill.

Gizmos and gadgets, along with their chargers continue to use electricity simply because they are plugged into the electrical supply. Other culprits that are quietly raising our electricity bill are cable boxes, game consoles and computer peripherals. Unplug these from the wall socket or introduce a power strip that can be turned off (stopping the flow of power). These might not seem to be much, but in our electronic age you might be surprised at how much you have constantly plugged in, even those you only use for short periods of time. These seemingly innocuous little items all add up to more to pay on that electrical bill.

Watch the clock and save the washing for early morning or later at night, when the power suppliers are not at peak usage hours. The more the population can help self-manage the loads on our power sources, the better for preventing outages or peak usage charges. Whenever you do crank up the washing appliances, leave out the hot water and always maximize load capacity. Using a dishwasher or laundry half loaded does not use your electricity to the full ability, doing this regularly means you could eliminate half of that cost.

Compare service providers regularly to see what available plans may lower your cost or suit your budget better. As the different electric suppliers try to out-do one another, you become the winner if the package is better than your current pricing. This one step may begin to save you hundreds on your electricity bill depending upon the plan. The wide variety of plans may or may not have duel offers (combining electric and gas service), fixed fee plans or alternative energy options.

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