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3 Little Tricks to Lower Your Gas and Electricity Prices

gas and electricity pricesThe Lowdown on Gas and Electricity Prices

Are you looking to lower your gas and electricity prices? Its actually much easier than you might first think. In this article I am going to tell you about 3 little tricks that you use in order to slash those bills. If you put these tricks into practice then maybe you will be able to put that extra cash towards a new holiday, car or some home improvements. You will be able to put the tactics I talk about here into good use for many years to come. Lets face it, gas and electricity prices are always on the rise and that is not going to change anytime soon. It is a lot easier than you might think to save money regardless of how expensive things may be.

Insulate Hot Water Cylinder to Lower Your Gas and Electricity Prices

Here is a simple test that you can do right now. If you have a hot water cylinder go over and touch it. If it is warm then you are wasting power! You can adjust this by getting the proper insulation. This isn’t very expensive and amazingly it can save up to 10% on your bills. If you decide to get this done then make sure that you get an expert in. Don’t ever attempt to do something like this yourself.

Shut Off Those Appliances to Save on Your Gas and Electricity Prices

Do you leave your computer on all night? How about the TV? As you look around the room now is the cd player plugged in and on at the socket? How about the printer? All of these things really start to add up and can send your gas and electricity prices through the roof. Go around the house now and see what things you can turn off that you are not using. If you turn this into a habit then you can save yourself a lot of money each year.

Limit Your Time in the Bathroom to Save on Your Gas and Electricity Prices

If you spend a lot of time in the bathroom then it could be costing you in the long run. Consider spending less time in the shower and maybe even installing a low-flow shower head. It is also advisable to not let the hot water run for long periods of time when you are shaving or having a wash. As you can see, it really isn’t that hard to do a few things to lower your gas and electricity prices. If doing these few small things can save you a lot of money in the long run and that extra money can go towards a holiday, it will definitely be worth it.

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