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Compare Gas and Electricity Prices to Cure Fuel Poverty

compare gas and electricDo you compare gas and electricity prices? It is a recent phenomenon that many in the UK and other nations are suffering from ‘fuel poverty’ brought on by high energy bills.  When a medium-low or low income family is faced with fuel poverty and a hefty amount to keep their electricity on, it can become a choice of doing without other basic needs.  Once a family’s fuel costs exceed a certain percentage of their income it may leave them below poverty level, when they may not otherwise fall into that group. This is why it is critical that you compare gas and electricity prices on a regular basis.

The ability to pick your energy provider has given the customer more control over their utility pricing. However, families already facing with fuel poverty have historically chosen the more expensive, pre-paid meter plan.  This can result in even higher rates than if a different tariff had been chosen, or comparing more of the available providers before determining the best one.

If you find yourself in fuel poverty and a need of finding better prices or payment options, the ability to compare gas and electricity prices has been available to the public since major deregulation of the energy sectors.  It is all too common that people become a bit complacent and make no move to change their current gas and electric providers.  This is because people are comfortable with what they are familiar with, even if it is not the best thing for them.  That seems to apply to changing utility companies as well for some people.

In these uncertain times it is best to compare gas and electricity prices a couple of times each year.  You may find you already have the lowest possible rate and tariffs, but on the other hand, you may discover you are paying more than you have to for your energy service.  As the energy market changes and newer alternative green energy is available, this also impacts fuel pricing and service options.  More and more people are acknowledging that choosing green, renewable energy sources are best and look for plans that include those.

When you compare gas and electricity prices it is important to be sure you understand the commitment and tariffs required of you.  The current offerings will change as the various fuel sources and supply costs change, so the best deal this month may not be best next month.  You could possibly be saving hundreds of pounds, but first you have to look around and compare energy providers. Switch to a cheaper supplier with Energyhelpline.com

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