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gas and electricity prices

3 Little Tricks to Lower Your Gas and Electricity Prices

The Lowdown on Gas and Electricity Prices Are you looking to lower your gas and electricity prices? Its actually much easier than you might first think. In this article I am going to tell you about 3 little tricks that you use in order to slash those bills. If you put these tricks into practice […]

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compare gas prices

Compare Gas Prices – A Consumer Perspective

The Internet boasts a growing number of resources that help to compare gas prices, and consumers use these websites to make noticeable savings on their household and business utility costs. Price comparison websites have soared in popularity over recent years; the UK car insurance marketplace, in particular, has been revolutionised by these popular online resources. […]

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Lower electric bill

The Best and Easiest Ways to Lower Your Electric Bills

We all learn to dread the season of higher electric bills, due to the increased heat or cold, but many people just grit their teeth and pay it. What a great deal of people do not realize is how much of an impact they can make on that bill, simply by altering a few habits […]

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smart metering

Smart Metering in the UK

The plan of the UK government is to equip every British household with smart metering by 2020.  That means putting in approximately 46 million smart meters and that is no small task.  It also means many people are wondering “what does this mean as a customer?” and “why do we need to this?” First, let’s […]

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smart meter

Exactly What Is A Smart Meter?

A smart meter is the latest innovation in monitoring use of electrical or gas usage for a building.  These are developed using the latest wireless technology to communicate.  A smart meter uses the information to keep the customer informed and updated on their actual energy use.  Since energy prices fluctuate based upon demand and peak […]

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compare gas and electric

Compare Gas and Electricity Prices to Cure Fuel Poverty

Do you compare gas and electricity prices? It is a recent phenomenon that many in the UK and other nations are suffering from ‘fuel poverty’ brought on by high energy bills.  When a medium-low or low income family is faced with fuel poverty and a hefty amount to keep their electricity on, it can become […]

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cheap gas and electric

Cheap Gas and Electricity – Long Gone Are the Days

The more time that passes, the natural resources we need to create our fuel and power supplies are becoming depleted.  This scarcity results in the rising prices of those commodities and we all see the continuing increase in our electric bills and gas costs.  The ability to maintain the ever increasing cost within our financial […]

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